SD Radiance – Menu of Services

Q.  Why should I team with SD Radiance Agency?

A.  At no cost to you, we will:

  • Negotiate Preferred Ad Rates with leading media outlets (usually lower than you could negotiate on your own).

  • Provide a customized, written assessment of your current marketing.

  • Shield you from unwanted sales solicitations – send them to us instead!

  • Arrange with media professionals to design and create your advertising at no cost to you (in most cases).

  • Free broadcast copywriting / messaging services by a trained, experienced, certified marketing professional.

  • Strengthen your website / digital / online presence.

  • Connect you to the region’s top media professionals (as needed) to meet your specific needs.

Q.  If these services are at “no cost,” how is SD Radiance compensated?

A.  Generally, when we manage your advertising and / or broadcast campaign, the broadcast stations and media sources we work with compensate the ad agency directly.  This is how we can provide these services at no cost to you.  This does not mean you’ll pay more!  In many cases you’ll pay less.  If you need special services (such as video recording, television production, or other needs) there may be an additional investment required to make it happen.  We promise to keep things simple and to communicate clearly, in writing.  No surprises.  Advertising and marketing should be fun.  We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Q.  What are the terms of a partnership with SD Radiance?

A.  Our simple written agreement continues until further notice.  You may discontinue our services with 90 days written notice --- giving you the flexibility you need.  We know the media pitfalls you want to avoid.  We work hard --- to make marketing easy for you.

Q.  How is SD Radiance different?

A.  Many ad agencies are bureaucratic in nature, and offer services most businesses just don’t need.  Many are national in scope, and won’t provide the personal, immediate accessibility that we offer.  SD Radiance is a local family business, based on Christian principles of faith, family and country.  You have my cell phone number and a commitment to nimble, creative, highly responsive service when you need it.  An ad agency should save you money and heartache --- not cost you more. 

Q.  What credentials does SD Radiance bring to the table?

A.  SD Radiance's Tom LeVine is a certified Manager of Radio Marketing, with a BA degree in speech communications.  He received training at the Press Secretary’s College in Washington, DC, and then served as a press secretary for a congressional campaign.  Tom has extensive training in broadcasting, copywriting, ghostwriting, news, talk shows and years of success as an advertising manager in one of America’s largest broadcast companies.