BY Tom LeVine, MRM

“Effective advertising does exactly what you would do --- if you could devote the time to sit with a client or customer and talk with them personally.”  Because you’re starved for time, you can’t sit down with a cup of coffee and engage large numbers of people one-on-one.  There’s no reason for business leaders to feel bad about this.  You should feel very good about using a broadcast campaign to communicate your message. Radio is word-of-mouth multiplied by the power of a broadcast tower and transmitter.  Better yet, it is word-of-mouth you can control.

If you’re still considering the launch of your broadcast campaign, feel good about moving forward. 

So many small business owners and managers have told me, “I know that I need to do a better job of marketing.” This is usually followed by a statement about how their website is inadequate and in need of an update or complete overhaul. 

I take the time to oversee every aspect of your new, targeted advertising campaign to maximize effectiveness.  Radio is the “invitation medium,” welcoming a large, active, loyal audience to connect with you, through the warmth of the human voice.

It’s natural to feel uncertain about an advertising decision.  There’s an overabundance of choice.  You need clear decision-making information.  And these decisions are critical. 

FACTS:  It’s been said that “we don’t listen to the radio.  We bathe in it.”  Radio is on 24/7, reaching over 93% age 12 and over every week (78% daily).   Radio listening continues to grow within all age demographics.  Radio has a huge advantage over other media because “it’s the only major medium allowed to be consumed in the car” (Aldo Quevedo, Richards / Lerma).  Radio listening is everywhere:  36% at home, 32% at work and 34% in the car (and growing). San Diegans spend more time with radio than the Internet.   Listeners feel an emotional connection with their preferred radio stations.  You know them.  You can’t get that connection through the printed word.  You can feel good about your decision to join our SD Radiance advertising and talk show programming family. 


Milestone moment … as new research tools quantify radio’s ROI.

“For every dollar spent on radio, there’s an incremental six dollars in sales from those exposed to a commercial in the prior 28 days,” new Nielsen (Arbitron) and Advertising Research Foundation tools show.