Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today ­Marketing/Messaging with the Warmth of the Human Voice

SD Radiance strengthens your marketing, advertising, messaging and positioning in the marketplace.  Partnering with us can free you to do the work you love --- the work you thought you would be doing when you started your business.

Here's how you know if you need help:  you offer quality services and products at a fair price, but still need to improve your sales and revenue.  Many business leaders cut their price instead of addressing marketing challenges.

SD Radiance helps you tell your unique story in the most positive, engaging way.  We identify the best advertising opportunities to reach your target audience and believe we can negotiate better advertising packages than you can on your own, at no cost to you.

Often websites do not accomplish their intended goal.  Business websites should generate new calls, inquiries, visits and revenue. SD Radiance will unify your messaging across all of your communication platforms --- advertising, website promotion, signage, stationery and more, so that it is consistent and clear. 

I will meet with you personally, and provide a free written assessment of your current marketing free of charge based on my broad experience in one of America's largest broadcasting companies.  Business is personal.  At least, it should be.

The best advertising tells stories.  Stories are the language of the heart.  Your story is special.  Let SD Radiance help you bring it into the light.

Have you ever spent more to buy a "nationally-advertised brand" product than the generic product sitting next to it on the shelf?  Why don't you buy something you've never heard of?  It is because you are influenced by effective marketing.  Have people heard of you?   You truly can become a household the households that matter.

Advertising must be affordable enough for you to remain consistent.  SD Radiance has partnerships with leading broadcast stations and popular media outlets, which enables us to negotiate the best rates with the best people.  We write and produce ads for you. 

Call (760) 415-6055 or email to arrange your free, no obligation consultation and written marketing assessment with SD Radiance.  We also offer fee-based marketing consultation, video and website design.  SD Radiance is San Diego's local, family-based advertising and marketing firm.